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Procurement systems update

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The Procurement team at Spark NZ have been working on digitising our processes and improving the way we work.


With this in mind, we have launched SAP Ariba.





The Procurement team have been working on improving some of our processes and ways of working, and some of this includes digitising manual/paper-based work with SAP Ariba.


We have launched a few of the SAP Ariba modules to help streamline some of these processes, allowing the team at Spark to have a single place to store our supplier information, contracts, and workflows that help us enable these.


This is not a complete end-to-end launch of a new system (as you may already be aware of our recent ERP change to Microsoft D365), rather this is a supporting system for our Procurement team to automate and streamline our capability.


Our SAP Ariba rollout has nothing to do with purchasing, invoicing, or payments, as the same process that we just switched to with Dynamics 365 is still in place and will continue as such.  


What does this mean for me as a supplier?


The team will shortly be sending out an invitation to register with Spark on the Ariba Network.  If you already are on the Ariba network you can just link your account by following the steps provided.


We will be reconfirming the company information we have stored with you, so please ensure to provide us with updated data if it is out of date.


Please watch for this email in the coming weeks.




If you have any questions, please feel free to contact and we would be happy to help.


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