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We're making some changes to our systems


Further to our email sent to suppliers last year, here is more information on the changes we’re making to the Spark Group systems. 


In March 2022 we will switch to using Microsoft Dynamics as our ERP platform.


Why the change?

We are making this change so that we have a more streamlined automated system across the Group. Microsoft Dynamics is smart, simple, and intuitive and will reduce manual processes and help us deliver better outcomes for our customers. 


When will this change take place? 

This is a significant system change and things will start to change during March. 


What changes should you expect during the Transition and Cutover?

We want the transition to Dynamics to go as smoothly as possible. During the transition and cutover to the new system you can expect to experience some changes to our current processes; at this time we want to make you aware of the following: 

  • Our OCR platform which we use to process Supplier invoices will be shut down from 14th March through to 22nd March
    2022 at 09:00 
  • Our EDI platform which is used for integrated exchange of Invoices and ASNs will be shut down from 14th March through to 22nd March
    2022 at 09:00 
  • Our standard invoice payment date of the 20th of the month will be brought forward – in March our payment run will occur on 15th
  • Our Accounts Payable systems will be unavailable from 17th–21st March and back on-line from 22nd March 2022 at 09:00 – during the outage period we will be unable to generate new Purchase Orders,  Goods Receipt or process invoices and payments
  • During the black out if there is a requirement for an urgent order to be placed,  We will use a back-up order management process using a  temporary PO number. In this scenario, we will email order information directly rather than sending it via formatted PO.

What other changes will you experience?
Below is a summary of the changes that you can expect to see once we have completed our transition to Dynamics:

  • Spark Purchase Order formats: 
    Our Purchase Order format and numbering scheme will have a different look and feel – the new format looks like this:  
    • XXX-PO-9999999999   
  • To assist with timely invoice processing and payment, we do request that you include the full Purchase Order number in the same format on all your invoices  
  • Reminder:  No more than two Purchase Orders can be associated with one invoice (as per current practice) 

Have a question for us?
If you want to ask us a question directly, you can email:


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