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Spark’s ‘home of innovation’ gets a refresh

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Celebrates milestone of 1.5 million ‘Internet of Things’ connections 


New Zealand’s largest digital services provider Spark is showcasing the latest in innovative technologies for businesses with a refresh of its ‘Innovation Studio’.  


From October 9, Aotearoa organisations can book studio tours to learn more about emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and computer vision, established technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT) and view real-life examples from local organisations of how business challenges can be solved through technology.   


Since opening in 2021, the studio has seen over 400 tour groups of businesses and industry coming through to explore the many opportunities and innovations that technology can offer.   


“As technology moves at a rapid pace, we know the possibilities for innovation can move just as fast. We’re really excited to re-open our Innovation Studio with the latest and most innovative technology solutions and how we see these technologies converging to help organisations improve efficiency, reduce costs and the use of natural resources, and enable businesses to become more productive and sustainable through technology.” says Michele Wong, Spark IoT Lead. 


The refreshed studio will showcase innovative technologies in different zones: asset management, critical communications, smart environments, construction, water and emerging technology. Within these zones there are a raft of different applications (examples include asset tracking, smart lighting, dust monitoring, water metering, geotech monitoring and virtual reality). Each visit is also tailored to the organisation’s specific industry/focus.  


Technology in action

Many industries have embraced digitalisation to meet their challenges, and with increasing opportunities to use leading technologies in the management of water resources, Spark is encouraging more organisations across all sectors to explore what's possible at the refreshed innovation studio.   


The studio has a new section on water management solutions, with an entire room devoted to wai.     


Matt McLay, Spark IoT Sales Lead says “Water is a precious resource, and the best way we can protect it is to build resilience through sustainable water management.  


“If you have doubts about the importance of real-time water management, just look to the recent cryptosporidium outbreak in Queenstown and wastewater overflow in Auckland. Regular real-time measurement and continuous monitoring, remote visibility of usage and leak detection can help detect potential incidents faster using IoT solutions” McLay says.  


Celebrating 1.5 million IoT connections

One area of innovation that the studio highlights is the realm of Internet of Things (IoT). As one of New Zealand’s largest IoT providers, Spark is celebrating connecting more than 1.5 million ‘things’.   


IoT is a network of physical objects that are embedded with sensors, software, or other technologies to capture data that can then be analysed and used to inform decision making.  


This makes IoT a natural enabler of initiatives that improve productivity, health and safety, and sustainability, and enable businesses to become more productive and sustainable through technology.  


Michele Wong adds, “The exciting thing about IoT is the breadth of business problems it can help solve. Our solutions connect everything from tsunami gates, natural water sources, forests, livestock, electricity and water meters, construction equipment, business fleets to pharmacy refrigerators and much more.  


“The potential for IoT in New Zealand across multiple sectors is immense – it can cater to such a wide range of business cases, turning simple data into real insights that make a tangible difference to business outcomes.”  


For businesses interested in booking a tour of the studio, they can visit this site: 




Notes to editor


  • In 2021, off the back of pandemic lockdowns and a shakeup of ways of working, Spark opened New Zealand’s first Innovation Studio, where businesses could test technology solutions on all networks (4G, 5G, Cat M1, NB IoT, LoRaWAN) and co-create their own solutions alongside some of the best technology engineers and experts New Zealand has to offer. The studio has seen over 400 tour groups of businesses and industry coming through to explore the many opportunities and innovations that technology can offer.  
  • In 2022, Spark and sustainability firm thinkstep-anz launched research which showed that digital technology could help reduce 7.2 million tonnes of emissions at 2030. To put this reduction into context, New Zealand need to reduce emissions by 17.0 million tonnes to meet its Emissions Budget at 2030 – meaning digital technology, inclusive of IoT, can help deliver the equivalent of 42% of the reductions we need to achieve over this period. 
  • In 2023, new insights into the economic value of Internet of Things (IoT) in New Zealand shows forecast IoT technology growth is expected to contribute $15.8 billion to GDP in New Zealand by 2030. The research analysis commissioned by Spark IoT and undertaken by NERA Economic Consulting, reveals the local opportunity for IoT technology to bolster New Zealand GDP as the technology is adopted by more businesses across different sectors, with the total IoT connections forecast to grow by 132% by 2030 at an average rate of 11.3% annually.  
  • Spark IoT work with IT partners to help deliver innovative solutions. The refresh of the Innovation Studio will include products and solutions from new partners:
    • Airsuite 
    • Blyott
    • Cradlepoint
    • Effento
    • Felicity
    • GEC Communications
    • GreenBe
    • Kallipr
    • Milesite
    • Peplink
    • Polysense 
    • HiLo 
    • Sierra Wireless  


  • As well as existing partners:
    • Adroit
    • Attentis
    • Blackhawk
    • Digital Matter
    • Eye Magnet
    • Manco
    • Netvox
    • Nokia 

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