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Spark 5G live at Eden Park in time for SIX60

Spark in partnership with Eden Park will be switching on 5G at New Zealand’s national stadium this Saturday, where thousands of fans are expected to attend Eden Park’s first ever concert – SIX60. 


Eden Park will become the first 5G-connected stadium in Auckland, giving guests who have a 5G compatible phone access to super-fast speeds and outstanding reliability to share videos and photos of the long-anticipated event.   


Spark’s Technology Director, Mark Beder says that this is an exciting extension to our partnership with Eden Park and that while the immediate benefit of 5G will be faster and more reliable connectivity compared to 4G, it’s only the start of how 5G will enhance the way New Zealanders watch their favourite sporting match or experience a world-class event. 


“One of the key differences between 4G and 5G is its ability to enable mass connectivity, which will take us from a world of not just connecting people, but to a world of connecting almost anything. 


“In the future, 5G will completely transform the way we experience live events. This could be anything from using virtual reality to provide fans with front-row concert experiences from their couch, improving in-person experiences with augmented reality, or reducing the time waiting in a queue for drinks and food with artificial intelligence self-service checkouts. The opportunities to improve customer experience and business efficiency are endless.”  


At this stage, coverage extends over 75% of Eden Park with 5G available in the East and West Stand, the No.1 Field, the lower South Stand and part of the lower North Stand, with the view of expanding this further over the coming months.  


Eden Park CEO Nick Sautner says the initiative will further align the 118-year-old stadium with some of the world’s best venues. 


“We are thrilled to work alongside Spark to enhance the experience at New Zealand’s national stadium with 5G for both fans at major events and functions throughout the year. Technology plays an integral role in delivering unforgettable events and we look forward to continuing to upgrade our fan experience through partnerships with brands like Spark,” says Sautner. 


Fans who want to experience what 5G can offer at SIX60 this Saturday 24 April will need to have a 5G compatible mobile phone. To find out if your phone is 5G-enabled visit


Cassie Arauzo

Corporate Relations Lead Partner
+64 210 249 156 |

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