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Spark’s new kids’ smart watch to keep families better connected near and far

Within New Zealand’s borders, many kids are leading fairly normal lives, taking part in school, enjoying weekend sports or other hobbies and are growing up fast. But border closures continue to physically separate them from overseas family and loved ones who may fear they’re missing out on some precious younger years. 

Spacetalk Adventurer, the next generation of kids’ smart watch is designed to better connect family and loved ones near and far with the Kiwi kids in their lives – the new watch enables kids to chat with overseas family, features a camera for photos and videos, and launches today, exclusively available through Spark. 

Equipped with the latest kids’ smart watch technology, the watch lets kids aged 5-12 enter the world of mobile technology without having open access to the internet – that means no social media, no video streaming websites, and no other apps. 

But the new Spacetalk watch provides a safe platform for kids to take part in family group chats with emojis, photos, videos and voice chat. Their contacts are pre-selected, and adults can chat via the Spacetalk App using any compatible iOS or Android device that is connected through New Zealand or supported overseas network providers. 

Spark customer, Myron Simpson said his daughter’s first generation Spacetalk watch has offered him and his wife great peace of mind while she goes for bike rides or walks to school. But said that with her granddad living part time in Mexico it would be great to have the ability for them to stay connected directly without access to a mobile phone. 

“It would be fantastic for our girl to be able to keep in better contact with her granddad – she’s growing up so fast and I know he sometimes feels like he’s missing a lot. We’re looking forward to setting up her new Spacetalk Adventurer so she can send him videos and photos and share more of her life with him directly when he’s overseas,” said Myron. 

As well as its social functions, the watch offers parents some comfort while allowing their kids the freedom to follow their curiosity and enjoy the adventures of childhood. 

The app lets parents and caregivers monitor their child’s whereabouts using GPS; view the weather at their location; and get notifications if their child enters or leaves a pre-defined safe zone - all whilst keeping them safer from potential online harm. Kids also have an SOS button they can press if they were to run into trouble. 

Spark Product Director, Tessa Tierney said kids are growing up in a world where digital solutions are an intrinsic part of our daily lives, and this is only increasing.

“Naturally, mobile is something kids want to take part in, but it can be challenging monitoring how they’re using smartphones and other devices, and what they’re exposed to. The Spacetalk kids watch is a great first step for kids until parents are comfortable they have the wisdom to use the internet responsibly,” said Tierney. 

The Spacetalk Adventurer has many other features including reminders parents can set up for their kids for things like remembering to take their medicine, or bring a school newsletter home, a ‘school mode’ allowing the watch to be disabled for distraction free learning, as well as heart rate monitoring, step counting and movement sensors for kids to start learning about health and fitness. 

Spacetalk CEO Mark Fortunatow said the launch of the new Spacetalk Adventurer and new Spacetalk app is a huge advancement for the kids connected wearables category.  


“It builds on what we have learned from the phenomenal success of the existing Spacetalk Kids device. We’re excited to be working with Spark to make it available for Kiwi families to help them stay connected and children safe,” said Mark. 

Spacetalk Adventurer is available in a range of colours, exclusively from Spark retail stores or at for $369 incl. GST which can be paid off over 24 months interest free when added to any Pay Monthly or Broadband account. Spark’s specially designed Pay Monthly Smart Plan provides all the NZ calling, data and text needed for $7.99 per month. 


The Spacetalk app is available for the whole family to use on their own devices with one subscription at $6.99 per month, which is payable in addition to the Pay Monthly Smart Plan. More information at 

Devices are powered by Spark’s extensive, nationwide 3G and 4G mobile coverage. 


Notes to the editor:


  • The Spacetalk app is available for the whole family to use on their own devices with one subscription at $6.99 per month, which is payable in addition to the Pay Monthly Smart Plan.


Spacetalk Adventurer features:


  • Available in colour variants - Ocean, Coral and Mist at launch.
  • 4G phone - Make and receive calls to a set of predefined customisable contact numbers across Spark’s 3G and 4G networks. 
  • GPS location - Parents can view their child's location, location history and change GPS settings using the app.
  • Safe contact list – You’re in control, your child can only contact and be contacted by contacts that you choose through the Spacetalk app. 
  • Water resistant - Rated water resistant to IP67 so it can be dropped into a body of water up to a metre deep for up to 30 minutes. We do not recommend intentionally swimming or immersing this device under water or using it in salt water or other liquids for long periods of time.
  • Reward stars - Reward Stars are a fun way to motivate your child and keep them on track. Teach them to set goals and reward their good behaviour.
  • School mode - Silence Spacetalk during class to avoid distracting your child and others. 
  • Chat & SMS - SMS messages can be sent and received from contacts you allow through the app (SMS to NZ numbers only). 
  • SOS alert - A dedicated SOS alert button can be programmed to call a sequence of guardians and local emergency authorities. 
  • Bluetooth - Handy connection to other compatible devices like Bluetooth headsets.  
  • Weather - View the weather at your child’s location with the Spacetalk weather app. 
  • 5MP camera - Ready, steady, snap with the handy camera function. 
  • Fitness tracker - An integrated fitness tracker with voice feedback monitors your child's physical activity. 
  • Heart rate monitor - Monitor your child's heart rate and track their daily activity. 
  • Reminders & alerts - Set multiple alarms or reminders to prompt your child.
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