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Spark and AirSuite™ join forces to tackle health, safety and sustainability

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Spark has partnered with AirSuite to provide an indoor air quality (IAQ) solution businesses can rely on.  


As more employees return to the office, it is more crucial than ever for organisations to unlock the benefits of healthier people, plus gain insights on how they can create more efficient buildings and sustainable long-term outcomes. 


The solution, which can measure factors like air pressure, humidity, CO2, temperature, sound and lighting, was created using AirSuite's IAQ monitoring devices and connect via the Spark LTE Cat-M1 network. Captured data is visualised in Spark's cloud-based IoT Bridge platform to easily monitor and better manage work environments.  


AirSuite is a Waikato-based startup with a team of environmental specialists and engineers leading the way for organisations seeking to create better, more sustainable indoor environments. The technology solution has been utilised at the Spark Wellington corporate office since March 2023.  


AirSuite prepared a report based on six months of data from the IAQ solution at the office, which demonstrated that the indoor space was consistently meeting the requirements for a healthy and efficient environment. 


The IAQ solution helps the team to understand their indoor environmental conditions, allowing for early intervention when necessary and delivering confidence to employees that their working environment is safe and healthy. 


"We spend approximately 90% of our time indoors, so it is important we have smart, healthy, comfortable buildings to work from. With accurate data this enables better decision-making on how we operate our building systems; making impactful enhancements to reduce energy use, cost, emissions and improve resilience." says Karen Hayward, Facilities Management Lead, Spark Wellington.  


Peter Pooran, CEO of AirSuite says that Spark has been a key partner since its first cellular indoor air quality monitor was developed. “As a result of this partnership, our monitors will be more readily available to organisations around New Zealand that are committed to using technology to drive better health and productivity outcomes for their most valuable asset – their people.”  


This partnership comes off the back of Spark joining the Green Building Council, a not-for-profit, industry organisation that aims to make sure New Zealanders live, work and play in a healthy, sustainable built environment. 


"At Spark we believe that technology has a key role to play in reducing emissions and creating sustainable, future-proofed solutions. By joining the Green Building Council we are making a commitment to continuing our work to improve energy performance within our own business, but also by helping our business customers to get their own green star rating." says Claire Pont, Spark Environment Manager.  




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Corporate Relations Partner
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