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Spark and Skinny launching massive 240GB Wireless Broadband plans

Some wireless broadband customers can now access a massive 240GB of data for their broadband plan. Priced from $89.99 on Spark (available today, includes Spark’s Lightbox and Wifi offers) and from $59 on Skinny (available from mid-April), this new plan will make wireless broadband a great option for customers who want a new generation broadband option but need plentiful supplies of data.


Grant McBeath, acting CEO for Spark Home Mobile and Business says, “Launching this new plan is another step in Spark’s Upgrade New Zealand plan, which aims to move most customers off copper onto the newer broadband technologies, fibre and wireless broadband, by 2020.


“We originally developed wireless broadband as a great option for low to medium data broadband customers – and our customers have voted with their feet, with over 104,000 customers switching to wireless broadband since we launched 2 years ago.


“However, we’ve consistently been asked the question, ‘When will you be in a position to offer higher capped wireless broadband plans for customers who need more data?’. So, we accelerated our investment in our mobile network to provide increased capacity and we’re really pleased to now be in a position to offer a 240GB plan to some customers with higher data requirements. More customers can now choose wireless broadband, confident in the knowledge that their plan will have enough data for their needs.”


The 240GB wireless broadband plan won’t be available to all wireless broadband customers at this stage. Customers with higher capped plans tend to use their data for more data intensive activities that need to be supported by greater data capacity. The stronger the mobile signal is on a property, the better Spark can support that kind of usage, so we’re initially just making this an option for customers in urban wireless broadband areas whose homes and businesses have great coverage, where we’re confident we can offer a great experience.


With 5G on the horizon, and the 4.5G build well underway, Spark will continue to look at how we can extend our wireless broadband offering. At the same time, it continues to be a priority to encourage Spark customers to move onto fibre where it is available.


Customers can check whether the 240GB plan is an option for them by putting their address in the address checker at or


Notes to editor:

  • Spark Wireless Broadband is only available in certain 4G coverage areas. 240GB plans are only available in a limited sub-set of locations where Spark Wireless Broadband is available, to ensure the service remains optimal for all customers.

Ellie Cross

Senior Communications Partner
+64 22 630 0665 |

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