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If you need help or support for a Spark product or service, or if you have a queston about your bill then head to our Help page where you'll find answers and solutions.

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There are lots of ways to reach us. You can live chat with us, call us, come see us or get social with us.

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Spark Foundation

Here’s how to reach Spark’s charitable organisation, Spark Foundation.

Visit us:

Spark Foundation

Level 2, Yellow Tower, Spark City

167 Victoria Street West Auckland New Zealand


Email us:


Write to us:

Spark Foundation

Private Bag 92028

Auckland 1010

New Zealand


Call the Spark Foundation: +64 9 357 7904

Spark news and media

Spark has a team dedicated to answering media queries. If you are a journalist and have a query about Spark, contact our Media Relations Team. They are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.


For all media and journalist enquiries: 0800 222 412


Partnering with Spark

For us, a winning partnership isn't just about splashing our logo on your event. Get in touch with us if you're interested in Spark sponsorship.


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Investing in Spark

If you have an enquiry about Spark’s operating and financial performance contact our Investor Relations Team.

Write to us:

Dean Werder, GM Finance and Performance

Spark New Zealand Limited

Private Bag 92028

Auckland 1010

New Zealand


Email us:





General enquiries

Trying to reach someone who works at Spark?

Call our company switchboard.


From within New Zealand: 0800 108 010


From overseas: +64 3 374 0253

Spark suppliers

If you're supplying goods and services to Spark and want to talk about payments, invoicing and accounts you'll find everything you need to know here.


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