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Spark to close its 3G network in late 2025 and make way for 5G in rural Aotearoa

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Spark today announced it will close down its legacy 3G network towards the end of 2025, freeing up limited radio spectrum that will enable its 5G roll out in rural Aotearoa. 

With Spark’s 4G network reaching 98% of New Zealanders, only 4% of its total network data traffic running over 3G, and 3G voice calls having declined by 70% since 2019, the vast majority of Spark’s mobile customers will not notice any change.

It is a transition mobile network operators in New Zealand and around the world will be undertaking, with many overseas operators having already switched off their 3G networks. 

Spark’s Chief Operating Officer, Mark Beder, said Spark (then Telecom) first introduced 3G in Aotearoa back in 2009. Since then, mobile technologies have continued to advance, with the introduction of 4G, 5G and IoT networks, which has brought improvements in speed and latency. 

“Our 3G network enabled New Zealanders to use the internet for the first time on their mobile phones. And while it’s served us very well, 14 years on, newer mobile generations are far better suited to meet today's needs. 

“We want to assure customers that we will be enhancing 4G coverage in the few areas where there is currently only 3G available and we’ll continue to invest in both our 4G and 5G networks ahead of the 3G closure. We will also be getting in touch directly with customers to support them to make any necessary device replacements over the next two years.

“We know some customers are still connecting to 3G in areas where 4G is available, which is predominantly due to the age of the device being used. Some of these older models can’t make voice calls over 4G and so they fall back to 3G when calls are made, so it’s important that they’re replaced ahead of the 3G closure. Other customers may have the capability on their phone but need to enable it in their settings.”

All mobile devices currently sold by Spark are entirely 4G-ready, meaning they do not rely on 3G for calling, texting or data, with prices starting from as low as $129.00.

In addition, a large range of mobile devices can also now make traditional voice calls over WiFi, meaning customers can make and receive mobile calls using a WiFi connection even if there is no 3G, 4G or 5G coverage. Spark also plans to introduce SMS (or texting) over WiFi in 2023. 

For those wanting to check if their device will work without 3G, please visit: or To check out where we have 4G and 5G mobile coverage, visit our coverage map at  



Notes to editor

  • The Spark 3G network primarily operates on a low band spectrum (850MHz), which is required to provide greater 5G coverage in rural Aotearoa as it has better range and penetration. 
  • Spark’s mobile network serves mobile customers from Spark and Skinny, and its wholesale customers, Megatel, Trustpower and Digital Island. This means they will also need to be 4G-ready ahead of the 3G closure.
  • Spark is encouraging all customers to recycle their old devices by popping them in our in-store device recycling bins. From there, we provide these devices to RE:MOBILE, an organisation that ensures reusable parts are recycled. You can find out more about Re:Mobile here:
  • To find your nearest Spark store, visit: 
  • To enable 4G voice calling on a capable device (technical name, VoLTE), you can find instructions at: 
  • For more information on WiFi Calling, including compatible mobile devices, visit: 


Most commonly used 3G reliant phones on Spark’s network 

Mobile users on the Spark network include customers of Skinny, Megatel, Trustpower and Digital Island. While some of the following devices support 4G for data, they don’t support voice calling over 4G.

1. Apple iPhone 6

2. Samsung Galaxy S7

3. Huawei Y5

4. Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro

5. Spark Pocket 2

6. Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime

7. Huawei nova 3

8. Apple iPhone 5S

9. Huawei nova 3e

10. Spark Plus 3

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