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Update following first weekend of Spark Sport and Formula One

Spark Sport delivered a solid performance over the first weekend of sporting events, with no outages to the service. The vast majority of customers streamed the Australian Grand Prix successfully. A very small number of customers experienced some minor issues with playback on some devices: the Spark Sport team is looking at these issues with a view to improving the viewing experience for these customers.

Since launch on Thursday morning, over 9,000 customers have already subscribed to Spark Sport, taking advantage of the 30 day free trial of the service that is available in March. Customer feedback on the platform has been very positive at launch, with many praising the clarity of the video stream and ease of use of the app. Naturally for a new service, the Spark Sport customer service team were hard at work over the weekend, helping customers to troubleshoot app set up and working through a range of questions. The large majority of queries were successfully resolved.

The Spark Sport technical team is now working on the next beta version of the app, and is looking to include additional features to improve the experience of watching Spark Sport. This includes merging the Formula 1 ‘pre-race’ and ‘race’ coverage into one programme rather than two to make it easier for customers to roll seamlessly into the race, and adding signage where required within programming (e.g. ‘end of programme’ or ‘advertising break’) to improve the viewing experience.


All Spark Sport customer queries should be directed to the Spark Sport help team at

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