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Spark’s new broadband line-up offers greater transparency, simplicity, and more value for less

Spark has today launched a suite of competitively priced new wireless and fibre broadband plans designed to remove complexity and help customers pick a plan that best suits their households needs, while saving them up to $20 each month for unlimited data.*                                                                   


To assist customers in making an informed decision, each plan includes a simple description of what type of online activity and household the broadband plan would be best suited for, as well as an indication of national peak-time average speeds where available based on the Commerce Commission’s Measuring Broadband New Zealand (MBNZ) report.**

The new plans start from as little as $45 for ‘Basic Wireless Broadband’, which is the perfect fit for smaller households that don’t need a lot of data and still like to call their loved ones on a landline. Medium sized households may find the $70 Unlimited Everyday Wireless or Fibre plans better suited – they’re designed for internet users who regularly stream or browse the web, but don’t need the absolute fastest speeds available.

Bigger families who game, want Netflix included in their plan, or regularly work from home can pick between an Unlimited Fibre plan at $85 or $100 depending on how fast they want to go. All plans have the option to ‘add on’ entertainment offerings at a discounted price including Spark Sport, Neon and Xbox All Access.

Tessa Tierney, Product Director for Spark says: “A key focus of Spark’s strategy is about offering our customers simple, intuitive experiences and products that are designed with the diverse needs of Kiwi households in mind.

“Rather than focusing on the technology, we’re providing more clarity about what the technology can do for the customer – making it easier for them to assess the options and make an informed decision on the broadband plan that’s going to suit their lifestyle.”

Feedback from Spark customers and retail employees showed that customers are wanting more unlimited data options and plans that were easier to understand, as well as price certainty month to month –. The Commerce Commission also found in a recent survey that the top two reasons why Kiwis contacted their provider was to understand what’s included in a plan and price, and whether the plan would meet their respective needs.***

“We are listening to our customers and adapting our plans to better suit their needs – providing one set price each month, clear descriptions about the suitability of each plan for individual household needs, even better value, and the ability to ‘pick and mix’ our world-class entertainment services at a discounted rate.

“We’re also exploring what else we can do to take the complexity out of picking a broadband plan and how we might further support our customers to weigh up the different options available to them through both our online channels and instore,” says Tessa.

New and existing customers who want more information or to sign up to one of Spark’s new fibre or wireless broadband can visit





*Spark’s Unplan Flexible Netflix Fibre Max Broadband at the highest tier (unlimited data) would cost $120 each month. Spark’s new ‘Max Fibre’ (equivalent to Fibre Max) offers unlimited data at the same speeds and Netflix for $100.
**We will continue to update the national peak-time average speeds for each plan as the Commerce Commission’s Measuring Broadband New Zealand (MBNZ) report is published each quarter. 
***Table 31 Reason for contact – Product disclosure


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Corporate Relations Lead Partner
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