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Spark 4G HD Calling (VoLTE) nationwide roll-out progresses

VoLTE technology provides crystal clear call quality and fast internet browsing while on a call  


Spark is now well into its nationwide roll out of 4G HD Calling capability on its network. 4G HD Calling is supported by VoLTE technology (Voice over Long Term Evolution). Spark started with an initial soft
launch in July by inviting a small number of customers to update their handsets to VoLTE technology. It has since rolled out progressively to more models of handsets, with the roll out to continue into 2020. 


Renee Mateparae, Spark’s Mobile Lead said: “Our 4G HD Calling provides crisp call quality, the ability to use apps and browse the internet at 4G speeds while on a call, and almost instantaneous call

connection. We have many thousands of customers already using 4G HD calling, and this is growing by around 1000 customers per week.  


“Before the introduction of 4G HD Calling, when a customer made a call on their mobile phone, it ran through the 3G network. Now 4G HD Calling enables calls to be made over the 4G network using
data. Customers may need a software update to their phone or, in some cases, will need to upgrade their phone if they wish to use 4G HD Calling.” 


Mateparae added that since August, Spark 4G services have also been provided through Rural Connectivity Group cell sites, which are being progressively activated across the country. 


“Customers in newly activated rural areas may be able to use 4G HD Calling if their handset is VoLTE capable. 


“Then as we look ahead to when 5G is more widely available in New Zealand, the VoLTE technology will be a core part of the 5G standard for voice calling on mobile phones.” 


For more on Spark 4G HD Calling, detailed instructions to owners of existing phones, and for
a full list of phones that are capable of using 4G HD Calling, visit   


Arwen Vant

Corporate Relations Partner
+64 21 484 232 |

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