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We know that coverage, speed and reliability are important for our customers so we invest a significant amount in our network. 

We’re proud that we're building a 4.5G capable mobile network and already have 4.5G technology up and running in select sites around the country.  


The Spark network

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What is 4.5G?

4.5G is the next generation of mobile technology, capable of delivering more capacity and faster speeds, and giving people more connectivity options. 4.5G is the pathway to 5G.

While there are only a few devices available that are fully 4.5G capable, many of the latest high-end phones support some of the features, with the potential to propel their speeds to between three and
five times faster than regular 4G. With the innovation of next generation mobile devices happening all the time, it won’t be long until there are many more devices that are fully 4.5G capable. 

4.5G means Spark customers can benefit from even faster, reliable wireless broadband as an alternative to fixed-line services, which is ideal for low to moderate data users of home broadband. Wireless Broadband from Spark provides quality broadband (with or without a landline), by connecting to the nearest cell site rather than over a fixed line. 

Spark turns on 4.5G in Taupo

Taupo has become the 30th site capable of achieving the fastest mobile data speeds in the country.

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Places where you can get 4.5G

Spark is committed to providing the important infrastructure that New Zealand needs to compete in the new digital economy, and is building a 4.5G capable network to meet that need.  4.5G is enabled in the town centres of the following areas.  

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