Spark Foundation

Spark Foundation is the charitable organisation for Spark New Zealand, supporting causes that New Zealanders and Spark people feel passionate about by tapping into the power of crowdfunding, providing direct financial support and through employee volunteering.

About Spark Foundation



Spark Foundation is the proud owner of Givealittle, New Zealand’s most popular crowdfunding website. It’s fast, safe and easy to create a campaign, share with your networks and receive instant donations.

Givealittle is for:

  • Charities, clubs, schools and not-for profits
  • People with great ideas that make a difference
  • Fundraisers on a mission to help their favourite cause or charity
  • Donors who value a neutral platform to support a variety of causes

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Spark Volunteer

Everyone who works at Spark New Zealand receives a paid volunteer day to go out and do good in the community, whether that’s volunteering for a charity, cleaning up a beach or helping a school with their financial strategy, the choice is theirs.

In FY17 participation in Spark's volunteering programme reached 24% and 1,292 days of employee time were gifted, with a value of $387,600.

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Spark Give

This universal payroll giving programme enables Spark people to donate to any New Zealand school and registered charity directly from their pay and Spark Foundation matches on the first $500 of giving each year. Since Spark Give launched in 2011, donations from Spark people and Spark's matching has seen almost $5m go to 959 New Zealand schools and charities.

 In FY17 donations made up of employee giving and matched donations from Spark totalled $832,250 and was distributed to 572 organisations.

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Education Trust

Spark Foundation is proud to have been an anchor partner of the Manaiakalani Education Trust. Determined to shift the needle on student performance at low-decile schools, the two organisations came together in 2012. The dynamic partnership took the Manaiakalani programme from its origins in Tamaki, Auckland to a fully-formed methodology available to more than 50 schools across New Zealand. The five-year partnership came to an end in 2017,  during which Spark people contributed strongly to the friendship with the Manaiakalani schools through activities such as mentoring teachers, becoming buddies to students and providing feedback on their blogs and volunteering at Manaiakalani schools.

 Spark Foundation’s total contribution of $2.775 million went towards:

•    Research by the Woolf Fisher Research Centre to investigate the effects of the Manaiakalani pedagogy on learners and their achievement.  
•    A professional development programme for teachers of the Manaiakalani pedogogy.  A total of 40 teachers participated in the Manaiakalani Innovative Teacher Programme from 2012-2017.
•    An online repository of teaching materials, Maniakalani ClassonAir, where 11 Manaiakalani Manaiakalani teachers have now published more than 150 teaching sequences.
•    Raising national awareness of the programme. In 2016, Manaiakalani Education Trust was the named the winner of two categories in the NZ Innovation Awards for Education, Training and Development; and for Social Innovation.

Manaiakalani Education Trust

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Meet the Team

Spark Foundation is made up of Spark people with diverse experiences and a shared passion for giving back.

Spark Foundation Ambassadors

The Foundation has a network of Spark people who are so passionate about the Spark Foundation that they are official ambassadors. There are Ambassadors in Spark offices around New Zealand and they help with local generosity campaigns and spread the message to other Spark people.

Spark People

Spark people play an extremely important role and through the Spark Foundation, they can support the charities dear to their hearts via Spark Give (payroll giving), volunteering and Givealittle. The Foundation encourages all Spark people to get involved and have fun doing good!

The Spark Foundation Board

As a registered charity, the Foundation has its own Board of Trustees, including both externally appointed Trustees and Spark employees.

Nick Legget, Chair

Nick Leggett has been the Mayor of Porirua City and represented New Zealand's youngest community with 25% of Porirua’s residents being under the age of 15. Nick is passionate about interacting and engaging with his community and New Zealand in new and innovative ways and he says he is thrilled to be working with the Foundation. “The Spark Foundation has fantastic programmes for all Kiwis and I am excited to share the messages of Spark Give, volunteering, Givealittle, Manaiakalani and more to our people,” says Nick.

Andrew Pirie, TrusteeAndrew joined Spark New Zealand in October 2012. He is responsible for Spark's external communications, engagement with key stakeholders including government (central and local) and community groups and internal employee communications. Andrew is one of New Zealand's most experienced communications professionals with an extensive international background. He returned to New Zealand in 2008 after more than a decade overseas as Asia-Pacific head for Weber Shandwick, one of the world’s biggest PR consulting firms. In recent years Andrew has acted as an advisor for significant New Zealand companies including Fonterra and Auckland Airport. His industry experience spans a wide range of sectors including financial services, aerospace, technology, property, healthcare, energy and tourism.

Caleb Watson, TrusteeA long-time Ambassador of the Spark Foundation, Caleb holds the role of Spark Foundation People’s Champion. The Operations Support Specialist was elected into the role after winning the votes of Spark people. As a trustee, Caleb represents the voice of all Spark people and brings a dynamic perspective to the boardroom. During the next two years of holding the People’s Champion position, Caleb is motivated to drive engagement and champion generosity right across the business.  

Casey Eden, TrusteeCasey is the co-founder and Managing Director of and previously one of the foundation team behind Casey brings considerable experience and insights into the online and start-up world, which adds value as Givealittle continues to grow and evolve. Also as a former national softball representative, Casey is passionate about encouraging all New Zealanders to tackle life head-on. Now with his involvement with Neighbourly he’s enjoying seeing the changes that take place in Kiwi communities throughout the country as neighbours connect.

Matt Crockett, TrusteeMatt Crockett is Chief Executive of Fletcher Building’s Heavy Building Products Division. Prior to this, he successfully led Spark's cost and business improvement programme, and worked as the Chief Development Officer and MD Digital Ventures at APN News and Media (now NZME). Matt’s has extensive governance experience as the Director of multiple technology and media businesses including Orion Health, Southern Cross Cable Networks, and multiple digital media and eCommerce businesses including GrabOne. His understanding of the digital media space enables him to provide valuable assistance with the Foundations online projects, in particular with helping create a successful path forward for Givealittle.

Stacey Morrison, TrusteeA New Zealand media personality for more than 25 years, Stacey is motivated to inspire others, especially in the Māori community, through the platform that her career in radio and broadcasting has provided. She is an advocate for education and has extensive involvement in the charitable sector. Supporting learning is where Stacey's passions and the Spark Foundation's objectives converge. Stacey works to champion Te Reo and active learning inside the home and alongside her husband Scotty, has co-authored a book 'Māori at Home: a guide for everyday families.' Stacey will draw on her extensive experience in the charitable sector as an Ambassador for several organisations including the children's charity Variety, NZ Breast Cancer Foundation, Water Safety New Zealand and formerly as a UN Goodwill Ambassador.